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The mission of Wharton CEO, through the lenses of race, gender, religion, and socioeconomics, is to equip current and future leaders with the critical skills needed to design equitable organizations, create positive outcomes in the business sector, and grow wealth creation opportunities.

We partner with for-profit and nonprofit entities to address inequity through applicable research, in fields like healthcare, finance, education, sports and entertainment, to expand access to economic opportunities for all.


The death rate for Black patients hospitalized with COVID-19 would have been 10% lower if they received care at the same hospitals as white patients.


Districts with the most Black, Latino, and Native students receive significantly less funding—as much as $2,700 per student.


In 2020, white households—representing 60% of the U.S. population—held 84% of total household wealth, while Black households— representing 13.4% of the U.S. population—held only 4% of total household wealth.


Women-founded startups receive less than 3% of all venture capital investments while Black and Hispanic female founders receive less than half of that.


Of the 151 sports teams in the five major professional sports in the United States, there are currently no Black majority owners.

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Wharton CEO Launches Limited Podcast Series: Opportunity Matters

“If health equity means ensuring that everyone has a chance to be as healthy as possible, it starts with realizing that not everyone has the same opportunities to achieve the same level of health.”

– Guy David, Alan B. Miller Professor, Professor of Health Care Management

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve partnered with SiriusXM for a 4-episode limited podcast series, Opportunity Matters. Wharton CEO Faculty Director Kenneth Shropshire is joined by Wharton faculty and industry experts across healthcare, sports, finance, and entertainment. Together, they explore issues of diversity, opportunity, and inclusion and offer listeners insights and actionable steps to create more equity within these spaces and drive change in society.

Closing the Health and Wealth Gap: Wharton CEO Seeks Solutions

“I’m encouraged by the meaningful conversation and by our shared commitment to improving the lives of so many people who aren’t getting what they need to thrive.”

– Fareeda Griffith, Managing Director of Wharton CEO

The Oct. 3 roundtable, “Healthcare and Financial Wellness for All,” was hosted in partnership with TIAA Institute, the thought leadership and research arm of TIAA. Experts from health care, academia, and nonprofits gathered in the sunny boardroom of Huntsman Hall on campus to share information and talk about ways to begin closing the health equity and wealth gap.

Healthcare and Financial Wellness for All Roundtable

The Future of Equity and Opportunity in Sports with Bomani Jones

“I think there are eight Black billionaires in America, and you know the names of six of them.” – Bomani Jones

In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Africana Studies and the Wharton Sports Analytics Business Initiative (WSABI), the 2023 Race and Sports event returned on Thursday, April 27. Attendees gathered in Huntsman Hall to welcome seasoned sports media analyst, Bomani Jones, for a lively discussion on the intersection of race and sports, led by CEO Faculty Director, Kenneth Shropshire. Throughout the conversation, they discussed the fight for gender equality in sports, shed light on the racial disparities in sports ownership, the value of agent representation and more. During the 90 minute discussion, students and members of the Penn community came together to share their perspectives on the world of sports. Bomani is the host of Game Theory with Bomani Jones on HBO, The Right Time with Bomani Jones podcast on ESPN, as CEO of Old Soul Productions, he hosts The Evening Jones.

Watch the full conversation

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