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Wharton CEO and TIAA Institute hosted the Health Care and Financial Wellness for All Roundtable. The symposium convened a small group of experts to address health and finance inequities, their determinants, and practical solutions to mitigate their adverse effects. While the researchers and practitioners present shared many insights, here are the top four recommendations for increasing equity in health and financial wellness.


The Race and Sports event returned, hosted in partnership by the Wharton Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, the Center for Africana Studies, and the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI). ESPN’s William ‘Bill’ Rhoden and Wharton Professor Kenneth Shropshire discussed the intersection of race and sports.

This research, led by PhD student Sasmira Matta, examines the impact of Medicaid expansion on income inequality within U.S. health care systems, revealing the disparities between higher and lower-paid workers.

A limited four-part series hosted by CEO faculty director, Prof. Kenneth Shropshire called ‘Opportunity Matters,’ explores the intersection between diversity, equity, and inclusion in industries, and their influence on the racial wealth gap. Read at Penn Today.

Wharton CEO is teaming up with diverse partners to create a powerful impact within the Wharton community, Philadelphia, and beyond. Learn about initiatives like Resilience Education | Wharton WORKS, led by Prof. Damon Phillips, and events such as the School’s inaugural Wellness Summit, in collaboration with the Perelman School of Medicine’s Neurology Department and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Dr. Renita Miller. Learn more at Wharton Stories.

We were thrilled to support Dean Erika James at the National Black MBA Association’s 45th Annual Conference, where she served as an Honorary Co-Chair. Hosted in Philadelphia, the event brought together Black professionals, MBA candidates, and business leaders across the country, eager to learn and make connections. Wharton CEO attended to better understand challenges confronting Black business communities, learn about the DEI initiatives organizations are implementing, and gain insights on wealth building, board diversity, and more. Read our key takeaways.

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Opportunity Matters

A limited video series highlighting the intersection of diversity, opportunity, and inclusion in industries including health care, finance, sports, and entertainment. Hear from Kenneth Shropshire, faculty director of the Wharton Coalition for Equity and Opportunity, and other experts as they explore how inequities within these sectors contribute to disparities in health, education, wealth, and beyond, and what can be done to narrow these gaps.

How Does Your Financial Wellbeing Shape Your Health Outcomes?

Wharton academics and industry leaders weigh in on the intersection of health equity and financial wellbeing. (25 min listen)

How Does Prioritizing Diversity Reshape the Business and Culture of Sports?

Sports executives share strategies for leaders to drive more inclusive work environments and make informed business decisions. (23 min listen)

How What Can We Do to Narrow the Wealth Gap?

Empowering communities with education, opportunities, and a vision for wealth-building can pave the way to closing the wealth gap. (25 min listen)

Can Diversity Initiatives Break Barriers in Entertainment?

Experts address inequities in the entertainment industry and provide tools for increasing representation and fostering inclusion. (26 min listen)

Diversity at Work

In honor of Juneteenth, the Ripple Effect podcast launched a special edition series, Diversity at Work, led by guest host Kenneth Shropshire, Faculty Director of Wharton CEO. In this series, Wharton faculty discuss equity, opportunity, and the complexities of racial inequality, bias, and representation within organizations. Gain insights on the importance of embracing diversity, strategies to dismantle racial biases, how to establish a psychologically safe work environment, and the role of diversity in boardrooms.

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