The Business Case for Second Chance Employment

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Thursday, April 4, 2024


In honor of Second Chance Month, we’re excited to bring together business leaders, academics, administrators, state leaders, and justice-impacted communities for discussions on creating pathways to sustainable employment for individuals who are formerly incarcerated.

This in-person conference will explore labor market trends and the role corporations and business schools can play in educating the business community and future corporate leaders on the benefits of second chance employment.

Participants will hear from leading C-suite executives on the business case for second chance employment and the practical steps that companies have taken to develop and implement hiring and advancement practices.

“Formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted individuals often face discrimination when trying

to reenter the workforce. This is compounded by other significant barriers. For instance, 

they may lack the skills to qualify for well-paying jobs; companies often do not

proactively seek to hire from this group; and incarcerated individuals are usually

prevented from staying abreast of rapidly changing technology.”

– Wharton Prof. Damon J. Phillips


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Erika James
Dean, The Wharton School

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Patrick Harker
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia



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